Saturday, 21 June 2014

A few unknowns

There will be a few more to follow, I fear, as once again quite a busy week workwise has coincided with quite a few moths overnight in Wolvercote Oxon, and I've struggled to keep records up. It's not been atypical to have fifty-odd species, with well over 100 individuals, per night, and a good number of new species for the year, including Swallowtail, Buff Arches and Lilac Beauty. A few initial queries below: one species I know I know, but can't absolutely place, which has shown up several times over the week; what I think may be an Obscure Wainscot from the 17th, which would chime well with what Adam reported from about a mile south; and what I think is probably a Knot Grass (but could be an odd-looking Coronet) from the 15th. As ever, we're grateful for any ideas or confirmation. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Unknown, 15/6/14

Possible Obscure Wainscot, 17/6/14

Possible Knot Grass, 15/6/14


  1. Hello Steve & Xander, Obscure Wainscot is correct (seems to be having a good year), while the other two are Dingy Shears and Coronet which I'm sure you will have had last year too!

  2. Many thanks, Dave -- quite right, we had both last year (I was suspecting Coronet, but we've had several rather different-looking specimens lately, but I can't think why Dingy Shears didn't come to mind).


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