Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A new one for the garden

Whilst making a cup of tea this evening (half-time), I noticed a small micro on the outside of the kitchen window. From the size and general shape from underneath, I assumed it was likely to be Pseudargyrotoza conwagana which is fairly common around the laurel in the front. I went outside to check only to find a darkish moth with 3 distinct white spots in a triangular pattern on each wing. A quick check of the ukmoths website confirmed it as Telechrysis tripuncta a new moth for the garden list. Unfortunately, my quick check was without a pot and the moth only allowed me a quick look before it flew off, so I have no specimen or photo, which is a shame as I like a photo record of the species I see. Hopefully it will return later so I can rectify this.

Adam Bassett, Marlow Bottom

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  1. There's only 4 records in the Bucks database Adam, so a good spot. Certainly more exciting than watching Brazil.


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