Sunday, 1 June 2014

BIG Evening Session

Thanx to all who turned up at the CWBP trapping session last night. I look forward to seeing all the lists, and the ids of the micros...

In summary, 9 people, 10 lights, and several new species for the year including a couple of macro lifers for me plus I'm sure several micros.

The most numerous macro species was probably Orange Footman again this year plus the innumerable Coleopheridae in the micro world.

As far as interesting/new species for the year/site goes (from my list, and in no particular order), Gold Swift, Map-winged Swift, Alabonia geoffrella, Epinotia bilunana, Udea olivalis, Peach Blossom, Small Yellow WaveFlame Carpet, Garden Carpet, Small Phoenix, Small Seraphim, Foxglove Pug, Grey Birch, Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Buff-tip, Shears, Poplar Grey, Alder Moth, Coronet, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Green Silver-lines,  Buttoned Snout, Snout & Small Fan-foot.

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