Friday, 6 June 2014

COAM Moths

A session last night (2 traps left overnight) at the Chiltern Open Air Museum, with Rob Payne and Andy King, to acquire some live specimens to enhance a show-and-tell session gave me a few new moths for my year list.

Andy has taken a few away for further study, and we had a huge range of colour variants of Ingrailed Clay (the most common species by a long way), but the list included:

Sandy Carpet, Green Arches, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Dark Arches, Burnished Brass and one we're 99% sure is White-point. Also during the day, a Burnet Companion.

Popular moths with the punters were Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Peppered Moth, Brimstone and Angle Shades.

 Burnished Brass
 Green Arches
 Peppered Moth
Small Elephant Hawk-moth

Dave Morris

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