Saturday, 28 June 2014


Hello again and here is the first of my backlog queries. I have puzzled vainly over the above before deciding that the Micro Bible pic most similar is of Chrysoteuchia Culmella. Then this morning, the micro below arrived which I think more confidently is CC. Am I completely wrong, half wrong or even right?  Help much appreciated as ever.

While posting, I thought I might add the latest class picture from the Emperor School.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Yes to Chrysoteuchia culmella for both. You Emperor numbers seem to have dropped a bit?

  2. Thanks v much for those confirmations, Peter. A result...

    The school roll for would-be Emperors stands at 19, with one pupil transferring to the place where no caterpillar will ever be unhappy again and the other four in the hands of small, local enthusiasts, and well at the time of writing. All best as ever, M

  3. I'm glad to say that the last of my Emperors pupated earlier in the week. I had to switch them to sallow towards the end as our hawthorn had suffered as much cutting back as I dared carry out. Others have suggested that they can be fussy when it comes to changing food-plant but I've never had a problem, especially in the final instar when they consume leaves at a fantastic rate!


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