Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Gothic and friends

We've had a slight slowdown in numbers (I think - I'm still working my way through our records for the last week or so) in Wolvercote, Oxon, but still some nice creatures coming through (not all of them moths: see below). Like Adam, a mile or so away, we've had a Gothic in the trap last night; though last night really belonged to the Riband Waves, sixteen of which were waiting for us by morning. We've also had the usual crop of uncertain micros: what I think is some sort of Gelechiid, what looks like a Mompha ochraceella, and a couple of unknowns, probably the same species. Confirmations and suggestions gratefully welcomed!

Gothic, 24/6/14

Presumed Gelechiid, 22/6/14

Presumed Mompha ochraceella, 23/6/14

Unknown micro, 23/6/14

Unknown micro, 23/6/14

We also had a gorgeous, huge-looking dragonfly near the trap this morning, though I can't imagine it was attracted by the light: a male Brown Hawker. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Male Brown Hawker, 25/6/14


  1. Mompha ochraceella is correct, Steve. The two below it look like the same species to me and are probably an Ephestia. They can't be done from pictures and need genitalia examination.

    I've had the occasional dragonfly in the trap - I suppose they're no different to other insects in being attracted to light. The same goes for butterflies if they happen to have chosen a roosting spot close to where the trap is situated. I've regularly had Meadow Browns and Ringlets in the trap but my overall list of butterfly species must be well into double digits!

  2. Thanks, Dave: never had a butterfly in our trap, but we've only been going for about two years.


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