Sunday, 22 June 2014


I had another new garden tick here in central Oxford last night in the form of The Gothic. I also had my first Double-striped Pug for quite a while and another of what I am presuming is Ephestia parasitella (please correct me if I'm wrong). During the day our garden is currently full of Scarlet Tiger Moths as I insisted that my wife didn't remove their food plant (a blue flowering weed) from the garden this spring.

I would like to add that my Micro Moths of Berks. book arrived and it's very useful - I've even successfully managed to sort out a few Scoparids using it. I can thoroughly recommend the book to anyone who's trying to get their head around micros as it goes into much more detail on the moths that it covers than the Sterling, Parsons & Lewington standard. Now if only we had a similar book for local Pugs!

Adam Hartley

presumed Ephestia parasitella
The Gothic


  1. Yes to Ephestia parasitella ssp unicolorella, although there is doubt about this subspcies.

  2. The name has changed to Ephestia unicolorella from parasitella recently, although until Mapmate catches up, keep recording it as parasitella


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