Friday, 20 June 2014

Hoary Footman?

As well as several Common Footman moths in my garden trap this week, I also had a couple of more slender silvery grey individuals, that look to me like Hoary Footman. The guide books refer to a later flight time and mainly coastal locations, so I am wondering if I am correct? I attach 2 photos, the second showing a Common Footman as well for comparison.

Also, could someone confirm that the moth below is a Mottled Rustic?

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. The Scarce/Hoary would need chopping I think. It is slowly spreading. The earliest of the 30 records in the Bucks database, is July 13th.

    Yes to Mottled Rustic.

  2. Many thanks Peter. The hindwings of the footman are white rather than straw coloured, which suggests Hoary rather than Scarce, but that would make it a month early!

  3. Hoary Footman is now a regular moth in Berks and starts in June (there are a couple of May records but they're not confirmed). Given that you checked the hindwing I'd be happy with the record as Hoary, but if you want to send a specimen in that would be welcome (and if you ever do find one in May please do keep the specimen so we can be certain just how early they are now starting).


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