Tuesday, 3 June 2014

IDs and Micro technique question

These are from yesterday, I think I've ID'd the micros but am totally stuck on the macros because I've failed to find anything tha tmatches (usually its too many matches).

I think I have yet another Light Brown Apple Moth by elimination, a pale diamond back moth (top and side view).

My guesses re the macros and I'm really not sure is that for the first one I might go for a Tawny Marbled Minor? and that the second might be a poorly marked Common Rustic (or Lesser Common or Rem's)

My mcro technique question is how to get them out of the trap. I usually lose a few on opening up and then again when I attempt to get any resting ones out of the egg boxes into container by holding the egg box over a container and tapping.


  1. Hello Mark, your two macros are Marbled Minor agg and Brown Rustic. The Minor may be Tawny Marbled, but as we've said before they need dissection to be sure of the species. I expect you'll have both Marbled Minor and Tawny Marbled Minor in your garden (the third one, Rufous Minor, is more of a woodland species).

    So far as dealing with micros are concerned, you need to get yourself a selection of different sized plastic or glass tubes. Have a look at the ALS website: (http://www.angleps.com/specimen_tubes.php). Depending upon the type of trap you are operating you will probably always lose a moth or two as you take the egg boxes out, but with some tubes to hand you'll be able to place a suitably-sized one over the moth while it is still in the egg-tray.

  2. It's one I struggle with myself but could your Tortrix perhaps be Acleris ferrugana/notana rather than Light Brown Apple Moth?

    1. Have a look at the size, Adam. A.ferrugana/notana would be much smaller.

  3. thanks for the suggestion - it's a Heath type, I'll get some tubes.


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