Friday, 6 June 2014

IDs & Confirmations Please

First up is one I had got previously, looks like I got the same individual. Not sure if it is a Dark Arches or Dusky Brocade - the more definite W and the black extending from that W looks like Dark Arches - but I really don't know.

I think number 2 is a Brown Rustic?

Number 3, I failed on, I'm assuming it's a pug but I've not been able to match the overall grey colouration, lack of a black spot on the forewing and the dark line across it, help?

Final one, The Lychnis as the spots don't join up?

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford.


  1. Hello Mark, now that we've got a size for your top one I'll go along with Dark Arches (it is too big for Dusky Brocade). The second is indeed Brown Rustic. For the third you are certainly not the first to fall into the trap of thinking that Small Dusty Wave is a pug and you won't be the last! The fourth one looks like a Shears to me.

  2. Hi Mark, yes to Dark Arches and Brown Rustic, the third one is a Small Dusty Wave.


  3. You are halfway there. Dark Arches, Brown Rustic, Small Dusty Wave and Shears.


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