Wednesday, 18 June 2014

London Buses?

Rather like my posts, you wait for ages and then two turn up in fast succession. Adam Bassett's fifth Bucks record for Telechrysis tripuncta yesterday is followed by my sixth one today. Being as I am only 149 metres from VC20, Hertfordshire, (yes, we measured it), I usually check the status of moths in Colin Plant's 2008 book on Herts Moths. By that time there were only 3 records of the species in Herts and he described it as 'rare'. Like Adam I had trouble getting a decent photo because in my case the thing started dying right in front of me! But I have taken one and it's below.

Two in two days is hardly a swarm, but perhaps this is a good year for them and, since they are quite striking, people might want to keep an eye open for them for the rest of the month.
Also like Adam's, mine turned up in the porch at home in Chorleywood and the light there generally doesn't attract much, so perhaps they have special 'requirements' vis a vis light wavelengths, as some moths are thought to do.
Andy King.

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