Monday, 9 June 2014

Micro or caddis fly? And a faded macro.

Am I correct in thinking that this is a caddis fly rather than a micro moth? It caught my attention as it is a lovely silvery colour, rather than the usual brown variety. The forewing measures 7mm.

In addition, I have a rather tatty macro that I cannot identify. Any suggestions welcome (the forewing measures 15mm).

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. My thoughts are the micro is a candidate for Plutella porrectella and the macro Tawny-barred Angle. I'll be interested to see what Mr Wilton thinks.

  2. Mr Wilton agrees on both. I've seen porrectella a few times already this season, including a couple of individuals here in the garden, which is rather more than usual.

  3. Many thanks Peter and Dave. I am really pleased I took the trouble to photograph the Plutella now. It nearly got discarded with the caddis flies.
    After I posted the picture of the macro, I had a eureka moment and figured it was a Tawny-barred Angle, but it is good to get confirmation. Many thanks again.


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