Sunday, 22 June 2014

Miller & Burnished Brass question

Didn't get too much last night which was a bit suprising - it was a moth blizzard again at midnight - I spotted Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing and Swallowtail flying around (neither of which were in the trap in the morning). I alsosaw a white moth I didn't recognise - which I'm pretty sure was a Miller.

My question about Burnished Brass - I noticed the ones I got a few weeks back and one I'd photographed years back had an incomplete central bar - I think that is f. juncta, today I got my first with the complete bar , f. aura. I've also seen debate about Cryptic Burnished Brass which looks like f. juncta. Anyone care to comment?

Mark, Garsington, Oxford 

f juncta

f aurea


  1. Hi Mark, that is indeed a Miller. If I were you I'd ignore the 'Cryptic Burnished Brass' until the experts have decided whether it really exists in the UK and whether it can be separated from Burnished Brass by any means other than DNA! This is still on-going work. It would be helpful, though, to add a comment to your sighting records as to which of the two forms you have caught.

  2. thanks Dave, I'v been adding which form it is into my spreadsheet. Today was my first f aurea, the previous ones were all f juncta.


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