Monday, 2 June 2014

More for IDs

Almost caught up - I have a number I can't find. One thing I find really irritatting is when I think I've got a match and then discover it's something rare and only been seen once in a branch of Tesco's in Torquay. So unfortunately I have quite a few unknowns from today.

On the upside from more or less novice I managed to identify about a dozen or so.

So in no particular order

Light Brown Apple Moth (I keep think I may be missing other species)
Dusky Brocade?
worn Brindled Pug?
Cabbage Moth
 Epiblema trimaculata or E. Rosaecolana

I have some more but the upload is playing tonight

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. I'll go along with your choices there, Mark, apart from the pug - there really is no point putting up pictures of worn pugs! The Epiblema would have been do-able with a clearer picture taken out of the egg-box (the strigulae, those white dashes along the leading of the wing, are the way to tell rosaecolana and trimaculana apart). They're both common and I expect you'll get both in your trap, as well as roborana which will be along to join them soon.

  2. I'm not yet acquainted with Dusky Brocade but this example looks a lot like Dark Arches to me?


  3. Yes I think it is a Dark Arches.


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