Monday, 16 June 2014

More Hornet Moth exuviae

A check around the bases of a row of Black Poplars in our village at Westcott, Bucks this afternoon produced three more freshly-vacated pupal cases of Hornet Moth (one male and two female) so it seems rather odd that I've never yet been able to lure this species into the garden with pheromones.  The closest trees are only 120 metres away from our house.  One day...!

Dave Wilton

Hornet Moth exuviae, Westcott 16th June


  1. One day I might actually see one anywhere! I always miss them. Looks like I will again this year :(

  2. I've checked the Broughton Poplars twice now, Dave, and no sign of moths or excuvia so far!


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