Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Moths from Aylesbury

I've had a couple of reasonable moths to my garden trap here in Aylesbury recently - yesterday i was suprised to find two Obscure wainscots in the trap - a species i've only ever had here once before in 2009, so was well pleased. Also five Large elephant hawks were a nice catch, as i only ever seem to get singles or doubles each year! I've also recorded a couple of Small elephant hawks this week - a species i've never seen in my garden before, so maybe they're having a good year, especially after the hundred or so Mark caught the other night! I also had my first Lackey moth in three years, so things are looking up.
Obscure wainscot, 16-6-2014

Obscure wainscot, 16-6-2014

Lackey moth, 16-6-2014
Dave maunder

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  1. Hi Dave, Obscure Wainscot was a resident in the reed-beds at Weston Turville Reservoir when I trapped there regularly last year so I imagine that's where they will have come from. A nice garden catch!


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