Friday, 6 June 2014

Orange Footman confirmation

I had quite a few moths that are new to me in the garden this week, including a female Ghost Moth, a Pebble Prominent and a Foxglove Pug. I would be grateful if someone could confirm a couple of my IDs. The first is what I presume to be an Orange Footman - it looked more yellow than orange to my eyes.

Am I correct in thinking that the next one is a Lychnis?

Finally, are these chaps Vine's Rustic? The forewings measured 13-14mm.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. I agree with Orange Footman and Vine's Rustic. Not sure on the Lynchis, the way the oval and kidney marks on the forewing join, I wonder if it could be a worn Campion.



  2. This is what I wrote just over a week ago on May 30th for a Lychnis query. "If you look at the two stigmata on the forewing, you will notice that at the "bottom" they are still separated (with a white splodge just underneath joining them below.). This makes it a Lychnis as DLW suggests. In the Campion, the orbicular and reniform stigmata merge at this point.". In your photo they are merged, which makes it a Campion. Your other two are correct. If you doubt a Vine's, just look at the hindwing, it will be very white.

    1. Many thanks Tim and Peter for putting me straight on the Campion. I have looked back at the Lychnis photo on the May 30th posting, and I can see the difference now. I should get it correct next time


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