Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pitstone Hill

Friday night, braving the weather, Dave Wilton, Martin Albertini and myself decided to run 4 traps on top of Pitstone Hill, which is very nice chalk grassland and part of  the Ashridge Estate. Although proceedings closed earlier than scheduled, due to encroaching thunderstorms, the night was very successful, with a combined total of 126 species of identified moth with quite a few still to id later. 37 of these are micros leaving 89 as macros. We caught 3 Sharks (nothing to do with the wet weather), stacks of Shears and Reddish Light Arches as well as many Small Elephant Hawk. Red-necked Footman made its entrance and we also recorded Grass Rivulet and Figure of 80 and Large Nutmeg. Regarding micros, Hypochalcia ahenella was abundant and it was to nice to note Nephopterix angustella. Peter Hall

Bordered Sallow

Delplanqueia dilutella


  1. A nice selection, Pete - i'd like to see the Bordered sallow, also Red-necked footman!

  2. It's only time before you see Red-necked Footman. It's still spreading, albeit more solely than the Orange Footman did. Try and go to the next 2 BIG meets, you should see it.

    1. Predictive text (and not proof-reading!) can be a pain, can't it?!!


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