Thursday, 12 June 2014

Reddish Light Arches

I am still catching up with Monday night's bumper visitation and left the moths undisturbed on Tuesday. Fortunately last night's tally was relatively modest although I have taken to heart Steve's Heart and Dart alert in the post below.

My hopelessness with noctuids has been greatly helped by Ben Sale of Essex Moths who identified the above (from Monday) as a Reddish Light Arches. Other arrivals that night include Dark Arches (first this year here) Brown Rustic, Large Nutmeg, Rustic Shoulder Knot and my first Broad-barred White.  Micros included Aphelia paleana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Eucosma cana and Ephestia parasitella. Mindful of Dave's \two pic' guideline, I'm not posting photos but they're here should anyone wish to see them.

I very much like the Reddish Light Arches if only because that handy website UK Moths says of it: 'The early stages are incompletely known, but the larva is said to feed on the roots of grasses.' A DPhil there for someone...

I also found a 20-plume on my computer screen last night. It's a good time for moths coming to lights other than the doughty Robinson.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Hi Martin, I hope you've enjoyed your 48 hours with Reddish Light Arches but I'm afraid I'm now going to have to burst your bubble - your picture shows a Large Nutmeg. The specimen has none of the features of Reddish Light Arches, I'm afraid, which in any case is a moth of the chalk so would not normally be expected in Thrupp.

  2. Hi Dave and many apols for long delay - my eye has been off the UTM ball. As you know, I'm bottom of the class in this subject but your view looks right to me. I will just double-check with ben, though, cos he's been my invaluable guide and mentor for a long time All warm wishes; terrific moths at the mo, M


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