Monday, 30 June 2014

Small and pale

Hello! May I start the day with a couple of macro queries from my June cupboard? My feelings are Dotted Border Wave, above, and Small Seraphim, below, but I stand by to be put right. I wavered on the second one over Common Carpet but it doesn't look quite right for that. Reasonable arrivals this morning, meanwhile, with the Buff Ermine taking over as the commonest 'not seen for a while' and a Poplar and Elephant Hawk extending the long season which both species are enjoying here. Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. I'd love to know why you think it is a Dotted Border Wave. It would be a first for Oxon. Did you not check the blurb in your "bible"?
    Your moth is a Small Fan-footed Wave and the other is correct.

  2. Goodness, a reply before breakfast. Thanks ever so. I 'm afraid I went largely on the painting - sorry to try your much-appreciated patience. I'm glad that I got the other one right, though. What a pleasant name. Please hold yourself in readiness for more later in the day. It's brilliant to have your, Dave and Marc's guidance, vain though it must sometimes seem. All best for now, M


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