Monday, 23 June 2014

Small Fan-Foot, odd Heart & Club and some for ID/ Confirmation

Lots of moths last night, including a Swallowtail finally in the trap. Also got what I think is a Small Fan-Foot,  Barred Straw, 1st generation Snout, a dark Heart & Club and then some micros, possibly Hedya orchroleucana,  a Coleophora, albitarsella? (6mm, ringed antennae and white legs) and one I got as far as Phycitinae but could go no further.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hello Mark, your macros are all correct. The tortrix looks to me more like Hedya nubiferana while I'm afraid the coleophorid needs a genitalia inspection (only a handful of the 100+ British species can be determined on sight). The phycitinid looks a bit worn but might have been do-able with a better view out of the pot to show the markings more clearly (a view from 45 degrees rather than directly on top).

  2. thanks Dave, had a look through and I don't have a side view. Maybe it will appear again soon.

  3. Hi Mark, I think the phycitinid is Phycita roborella. There's a good match here:



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