Thursday, 19 June 2014

Some interesting moths and some for ID

Last night seemed quite a good one, not some much in numbers but for me at least some interesting ones. I got a Common Emerald in the house and this morning there were two Scarlet Tigers, plus a Muslin Footman and Lilac Beauty.

I thought I had a Poplar Grey but I realised it's "blind" and there is brown in there - sorry about the fuzzy pic - a Sycamore?. The other I think might be a Dwarf Cream Wave. The final one I think is a Foxglove Pug, if I'm reading my Townsend correctly I can see the slight kink in the cross band mentioned.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hi Mark, a nice collection. Muslin Footman is not at all common over here in Bucks. The queries are Dwarf Cream Wave, Sycamore and Foxglove Pug. Following on from Andy King's post yesterday, Sycamore is another one of those moths which ends up as a fairly bland-looking adult following a really spectacular larval stage.

  2. thanks Dave, I agree the sycamore caterpillar looks like something from a rain forest.


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