Friday, 20 June 2014

Some more for confirmation / ID

These are also from yesterday, I think I have Riband Wave (in a different form to the one I had previously), a Single Spot Wave and then a Red Barred Tortrix.

I picked out a couple of what I thought were Willow Beauties initially, are they Mottled Beauties? Then perhaps a Scoparia, pyralella, perhaps? Finally one I've not been able to place.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. You might want to wait until the house experts comment but for what it's worth I agree with all your ID's including the Mottled Beauty (note it's Single-dotted Wave not spotted). The last one looks like Celypha striana. As I said though, get one of the experts to confirm all this.

  2. oops, yes I had the name right on the photo! thanks

  3. I'll second everything that Adam has said, including Celypha striana. It would be useful to get Willow Beauty and Mottled Beauty sorted in your mind as I suspect that you will see both quite regularly. You may also get Archips xylosteana soon which can look similar to Ditula angustiorana but you should be able to tell them apart by size if not looks.

  4. And the other one looks like Scoparia ambigualis I think rather than pyralella.


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