Sunday, 22 June 2014

Some very uncertain micros

A few other micros we're not so sure of from Wolvercote, Oxon: what I strongly suspect is an Aphelia paleana from last night; a possible Eucosma lacteana from the previous night, but not very well photographed; a couple I think I've narrowed down to Monopis and Swammerdamia from 20th and 16th respectively, and which might well not be identifiable; and something I can't at all work out (but may well turn out to be a Cnephasia) from 19th. All suggestions very welcome. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Possible Aphelia paleana, 21/6/14

Possible Eucosma lacteana, 20/6/14

Possible Monopis sp., 20/6/14

Possible Swammerdamia sp., 16/6/14

Unknown micro, 19/6/14


  1. Yes to paleana, then I reckon it's Epiblema rosaecolana, Nemapogon cloacella, one of the Swammerdamia group and finally Cnephasia group.


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