Saturday, 28 June 2014


My first Ghost moths of the year this morning here at Thrupp, Oxon,, the female humuli humuli nestled into an eggbox cone in the Robinson trap (an very nearly overlooked as the morning tea kettle boiled over) and the male on a carpet indoors where Penny discovered (and nearly trod) on it.

They gave me Swiftian thoughts about another arrival this morning which I haven't yet sussed, on account of its distinctive resting position and sharply angled wings (below). Sorry to breach the two pics rule but I thought both views would help ID, which would be much appreciated as always. Sorry not to get such a distinctive creature - and I'm afraid more dilemmas in search of a solution are to come shortly.  Martin Wainwright


  1. It looks like a Clay, Martin.

  2. Ah, I see it. I had wondered about the neighbouring moth in the book, White-point. Thanks so much and for speed. All v best M

  3. As Peter says, a Clay. Note the whitish mark is more of a blob than a distinct bright white circular dot which characterises White-point. The later has recently become established in the area (formerly a rare migrant) and there can be confusion between the two species.

  4. Thanks very much Martin, that's a very handy point.


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