Wednesday, 4 June 2014

... then, ones we're not

With apologies, the following have left us uncertain over the last couple of days: first, what looks like, and probably is, a knackered White Ermine in a rather unusual stance (but which I'm including in case it's something rare that we've overlooked...); then four varied micros which may prove to be incapable of identification; and, inevitably, a couple of undistinguished-looking pugs, which could well be the same species. As ever, and ideas would be very welcome indeed. Steve and Xander Goddard.

Knackered White Ermine?, 1/6/14

Unknown micro 1, 1/6/14

Unknown micro 2, 1/6/14

Unknown micro 3, 1/6/14

Unknown micro 4, 2/6/14

Unknown pug 1, 1/6/14

Unknown pug 2, 2/6/14


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  2. I would probably go for Freyer's and Mottled for the two pugs. rob

  3. Hi Steve, here's my 2p's worth: micro 1 looks like Acrobasis consociella and Unknown Pug 2 looks like Mottled.

  4. Micro 3 is a Glyphipterix species, probably thrasonella.

    As a general point to everyone requesting IDs, can I ask again that you extract the moths from the egg boxes and provide some kind of scale before photographing, the easiest way being to lay a ruler next to the moth. This applies equally to macros as well as micros.

  5. Many thanks, both. Will do what I can on photo presentation, Dave: like Martin, my time's a bit limited, though it should improve a little in a couple of weeks.


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