Monday, 30 June 2014

Two more macros


For my second run today, may I ask about these two? I think the one above is a Dingy Shears (a bad misnomer in my view, if my ID is right; I would drop the 'dingy' and replace 'shears' with 'claw'); and the one below, one of the various Marbled Minors which need a closer physical look to determine. I haven't noticed such a reddish glow on one before. Thanks once again for all help and apologies for error in advance.  Martin Wainwright


  1. Hello Martin, Clouded Brindle for the top one - Dingy Shears is basically a plain grey moth with black markings, unlike your more ornate specimen. Yes to one of the infinitely variable Minors.

  2. Thanks very much Dave, and also for great speed which I much appreciate, as with Peter. I'm trying to clear my 'uncertains' before night falls on June. I'll also be back to you soon on the books - just trying to find some of them which seem to have got into a wrong pile. Shouldn't be long. All warm wishes as ever, M


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