Monday, 2 November 2015

Agrotis trux and other things

Very interested to see the records of trux, labecula and what for me is most definitely caniola, although I have asked Martin Corley to have a look at it as he has worked on this genus. It would just be nice if something decent could turn up in VC 23 ! I have been waiting to see if labecula would spread north since I saw it at Durlston CP in 2005 and these are the first signs I have heard of (although there may be others I've forgotten about).

I missed Marc's photo of trux back in August. I saw no mention of which race it could be. However, this looks much more like our trux lunigera than the highly variable and very common continental trux trux, so probably a wind-blown vagrant rather than an immigrant, the nearest source location being Hampshire, by the look of it.

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