Thursday, 19 November 2015

Another set of Leafminers for ID

Hopefully there will be some that are ok enough to be ID'd.

the first one I think might be Callisto denticulella on Apple

the second and third, don't know (again on Apple)

 the fourth on bramble, maybe Stigmella aurella?

the fifth was on Lime - no real idea

the final one on Apple I think is  Lyonetia clerkella

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hello Mark, I think you are safe with Callisto denticulella (first), Stigmella aurella (4th) and Lyonetia clerkella (6th). Of the others, you have Phyllonorycter leucographella (3rd) which prefers pyracantha but will mine lots of other species as well (in my garden it also appears on apple, hawthorn, quince & rowan). I wouldn't like to say what the remaining two are - in fact the 5th one doesn't look like a mine at all, just some grazing. On lime you should be able to find evidence of Bucculatrix thoracella which seems to be quite common locally.


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