Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tawny pinion confirmation

Possible tawny pinion found in Sibford, Oxfordshire on 7th October 2015. Found in woodshed between logs.

Confirmation of ID would be appreciated please.

Andy Newbold
Sibford Ferris


  1. No doubt about this one, Andy - Tawny for sure.

  2. There's a picture back here in October ( of the two Pinions side-by-side, Andy. To be Tawny Pinion it needs to have that 'burnt toast' stripe down the middle of the thorax onto the abdomen, which is very obvious on your moth. It would have been trying to hibernate in your woodshed and should appear again in the spring.

    1. Thanks for this. I was fairly confident but I see in the records spread sheet it is a species that requires verification. It seems quite early for it to be hibernating and I wonder if it was just sheltering there during the day as large numbers of large yellow underwings seem to do throughout the summer months.


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