Friday, 6 November 2015

Unseasonal: Cryptoblabes bistriga

Cryptoblabes bistriga in garden trap last night along with two Acleris schalleriana. only migrants were Silver Y and Dark Sword-grass. Night before was interesting as micros dominated another low, but better than has been recently catch: Clepsis consimilana, Acleris schalleriana, Acleris sparsana, lots of Ephiphyas postvittana, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, Scrobipalpa costella, Eudonia angustea. Marc Botham, Didcot

Cryptoblabes bistriga - Didcot 05/11/2015


  1. I had Acleris variegana last night and Rosy Rustic the night before, both of them species which I first saw in July this year. They were in tip-top condition so I don't believe they've been flying for four months. Delayed emergence or extra brood? I wouldn't be surprised if your bistriga was a second brood because they normally appear in early May! It seems to have had a good year - I even had one in the garden here this year (on 3rd June).

  2. I already thought bistriga had a second as I'm sure I've seen late records before. The micros guide says one brood April-September but i find that hard to believe (although I've never tried to rear it). Rosy Rustic in November doesn't surprise me, nor would a July one. I think it just has a very long flight period. South (2008) says it comes out in the autumn, so perhaps it has got earlier in the last 100 years, but if a species is to have 2 broods the first one would normally be earlier than that. Plus its an internal feeder and they normally take a long time. Acleris variegana guide says June-November or even May, so a second does seem quite likely.


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