Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Uresiphita gilvata

I've not had much of note in my garden trap recently until i looked in this morning and found a nice specimen of Uresiphita gilvata - quite a scarce species so i'm told by Peter Hall, and a possible first for Bucks. A couple of poor quality pictures are attatched, as it is pretty lively in the pot and already escaped once this morning, but thankfully it returned to my garden trap this morning! Dave Maunder

Uresiphita gilvata, Aylesbury, 11-11-2015

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  1. The extensive dark banding on the hindwing makes this almost certainly gilvata rather than reversalis. It's much less banded in reversalis. What an excellent find Mister Maunder. There are enough differences in their bits to make a 100% positive id. I shall be checking the post box every morning.


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