Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Common Marbled Carpet or Dark Marbled Carpet?

The moth shown below came to my actinic trap on 6 September and I can't work out which of the title species it is. I see from the guide books that both are common, highly variable, and flying at the moment. Any advice please?
John Clough, Marlow


  1. Hi John
    I don’t think that Dark Marbled is common in our area whereas Common Marbled is very common which is what I think your moth is.

  2. I agree with Adam. They are a tricky pair at times to separate, but Dark Marbled Carpet is uncommon in our area and it is right at the end of its flight time as well. Yours looks good for Common Marbled Carpet.

  3. My thanks to you both - that's very useful.


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