Tuesday, 22 January 2019

2018 in Tilehurst

Notes from a casual 'mother'

My suburban garden is fairly small with just a single immature Rowan tree, wildlife pond and a privet hedge in the front. Nearby are mature Oak and Birch trees. I live about 1Km from Sulham woods.

Since 2010 I have used a Robinson 125W MV trap. Prior to that (2005) I used a home made 125W MV Skinner type trap. I only trap on suitable evenings approx. once a month.

In 2018 the 3 species above 20 individuals were Heart and Dart (35), Large Yellow Underwing (30) and Vine's Rustic (29).

Since 2005, the most common species are Large Brown Apple (330), Large Yellow Underwing (232), Heart and Dart (196), Lunar Underwing (139) and Shuttle-shaped Dart (136).

The 3 most prolific years for me have been:
2014 with 486 individuals and 96 species
2013 with 437 individuals and 99 species
2018 with 353 individuals and 97 species
Due to illness, the trap was not used in 2017.

My garden list stands at 277 species and overall at 362 species.

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