Wednesday, 23 January 2019

My garden stats.

After just reading Dave's post here is my garden 2018:

I have a medium-sized untidy garden with a selection of mainly apple and coniferous trees, with a hawthorn hedge, plus various non-native shrubs. The garden behind ours was built on in 2015-6 and I have noticed a large drop in moth numbers since then. The countryside is about 150 yds away, and that is mostly arable farmland.

I run a 15W home-made Skinner trap and mostly trap for the Garden Moth Scheme, thus once a week, plus a few other nights throughout the year if the conditions look promising.

In 2018
- trapped on 45 nights (52 in 2017, 56 in 2016)
- total moths 1222  (932 in 2017, 1155 in 2016)
- total species 202 (192 in 2017, 216 in 2016)
- most moths in a night 145 (6th July) (better than any in 2016/7; record is 281 in Jul 2014)
- most sp. in a night 43 (6th July) (better than any in 2016/7; record is 99 in Jul 2014
- most common macro species was Large Nutmeg - quite a glut in June! with Common Quaker,  Willow Beauty and Heart & Dart in 2-3-4.
- most common micro species was Endotricha flammealis with Cydia pomonella a close second (all my apple trees!); Cydalima perspectalis was third.
- only new species in my garden last year was Currant Clearwing, lured only by a Cotoneaster!

Dave Morris
Seer Green

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