Thursday, 31 January 2019

Taxonomic changes

A second round of updates to the Agassiz, Beaven & Heckford check-list of British Lepidoptera has been published in the current (Jan/Feb 2019) issue of the Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation (Ent Rec), following on from the first update which appeared in Ent Rec during 2016.  You'll need to refer to the article itself (all seven pages of it) to get chapter and verse but the main changes appear to be as follows:

  • Antispila treitschkiella (6.002) is renamed Antispila petryi and Antispila treitschkiella is added as a new species (6.0021).
  • Luffia lapidella (11.008) is deleted and Luffia ferchaultella (11.009) is renamed Luffia lapidella because ferchaultella is now considered to be just a form of lapidella.
  • Bisigna procerella (28.001) is renamed Promalactis procerella.
  • The Syncopacma species (35.001 through to 35.009) are all now renamed Aproaerema
  • Scythris crassiuscula (43.005) is renamed Scythris subcinctella.
  • Crombrugghia distans (45.026) and Crombrugghia laetus (45.027) are renamed Oxyptilus distans/laetus.
  • Aphelia paleana (49.031) and Aphelia unitana (49.032) are renamed Zelotherses paleana/unitana.
  • Large Blue Maculinea arion (61.013) is renamed Phengaris arion.
  • Aphomia zelleri (62.002) is renamed Lamoria zelleri.
  • Ephestia unicolorella (62.065) is renamed Ephestia woodiella.
  • Mother of Pearl Pleuroptya ruralis (63.038) is renamed Patania ruralis.
  • Scallop Shell Hydria undulata (70.121) and Scarce Tissue Hydria cervinalis (70.122) are renamed Rheumaptera undulata/cervinalis.

New species added to the main check-list are Anarsia innoxiella (35.0191), Dichomeris acuminatus (35.0205), Aethes deaurana (49.1231), Cydia interscindana (49.3275), Cornifrons ulceratalis (63.0605), Euchromius ramburiellus (63.0762) and Marigold Shark Cucullia calendulae (73.0527).  Those added to Appendix A [adventives] are Phereoeca lodli (12.0355), Mesophleps ochracella (35.0145), Euzophera costivittella (62.0501), Plesiomorpha flaviceps (70.2785), Herb Emerald Microloxia herbaria (70.3075), Green Drab Ophiusa tirhaca (72.0855), Landguard Ochre Amphipyra effusa (73.0645) and Florida Fern Moth Callopistria floridensis (73.0811).


  1. Darn it, I could at least spell Syncopacma...

  2. thanks for this - I think the only one relevent to me would Patania ruralis.


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