Sunday, 5 April 2015

Blossom Underwing

A couple of MV traps run in Bernwood Forest for the usual three hours last night produced a run-of-the-mill count of 21 species.  Despite reasonable conditions there were fairly disappointing numbers of the common Orthosias (for example only 76 Small Quakers in total, when I might normally have expected several hundred).  Early Tooth-striped (3 seen) were of interest, while Blossom Underwing is beginning to emerge at last (again 3 seen, including a female).

Early Tooth-striped, Bernwood Forest 4th April

Blossom Underwing, Bernwood Forest 4th April

Back home at Westcott I had my first Powdered Quaker of the year on 3rd April while last night's catch added Early Thorn and Engrailed to the list.
Dave Wilton

Powdered Quaker, Westcott 3rd April

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