Saturday, 18 April 2015

Emperor eggs to a good home

My female has laid 2 large batches of eggs. I tried letting her go but she came back to the light trap (even though i left it a while after dusk before switching on) and, interestingly, was calling for 2 days after mating. This may mean she is still infertile for some reason but if anyone else wants to have a go I won't be keeping them.


  1. Hi Martin, seeing the recent Emperor Moth posts and never seeing one yet i'll be happy to try to rear some up for next year.

    1. What area do you live in ? Either I can post some eggs or you can pick them up ?

    2. I can come and pick them up on Wednesday morning if thats ok with you. My Email is

  2. Laying eggs is usually a sign of having been paired up, so fingers crossed they are fertile.


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