Friday, 3 April 2015

Garden moth total up from 3 species to 5

Very slow going here in Benson but that could be either the location, under my car port, or the light source, a 25w Blacklight Blue.  Still it does give me half a chance of identifying the beasts before mid day. Last nights additions were an Early Grey and this micro which I'm sure someone can put a name to - I struggle with macros let alone micros!


  1. Hi Tom, the shape doesn't look quite right (although that may just be the angle the picture was taken from) and there's no indication of size, but the first thing that crossed my mind was Oak Nycteoline, a macro which should be around now after hibernation. Do you have any more pictures?

  2. Looks good for female Light Brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana) - had a female sat, rolled up a bit like this myself recently.

    1. Indeed, could very well be postvittana, but I think I'd still prefer to see another picture to be 100% sure.

  3. P.S Tom, you're getting more than me in an MV trap out every night in my Didcot garden. You'll get less in an actinic but actinics are still pretty good and 25W should perform quite well. For me there is a large element of location that means I don't expect to see much and there's probably a bit of that for you too, though considerably more rural. I think the main factor at the moment though is weather - it's been a slow start and every time it threatens to pick up we get a load of crappy weather again. I may be completely wrong, but I think there just aren't that many (comparatively) moths out and about at the moment.


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