Friday, 3 April 2015

MV Radnage, Bucks.

The trap had a reasonable catch in the rain and fog last night, but surprisingly no Small Quaker.
Hebrew Character 32, Common Quaker 9, Clouded Drab 4, Early Grey 3, Engrailed 1, March moth 5, Red Chestnut 1, and Diurnea fagella 1. The large soggy male sallow in the garden still has some flowers in bud, unlike those on the Aylesbury Vale and lowlands.
      On March 27th I also trapped a Pale Pinion and a White-marked.
 Incidentally, the Holm oak mentioned in the last posting was on Parks Road close to the Natural History Museum.
Ched George.

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  1. Ched, you've made my day. Last year I was at the NHM in Oxford for a meeting and I walked into town for lunch. I saw the Holm Oaks I presume are the same ones you describe on Parks Road and saw they were covered in mines and swore to myself to collect some leaves on way back to have a look. I completely forgot and it's been hounding me ever since because I didn't look closely so couldn't be sure one way or another what they were. Small things, but it really has made me happy.


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