Saturday, 25 April 2015


Sadly there were no migrants, nor was there any great increase in overall numbers, but in the garden at Westcott, Bucks last night I did at least get a bit more variety with 13 species in the trap, including Elachista canapennella, Brimstone Moth, Iron Prominent, Pebble Prominent, Coxcomb Prominent, Pale Prominent & Shuttle-shaped Dart which were new for the year here.  During a sunny interlude this morning two males of the smart micro Incurvaria masculella were very active around one of our hawthorns.  They are always one of the first day-flyers to be seen in the garden.
Dave Wilton

"...and I said to her...  ...and she said to me..."

Incurvaria masculella, Westcott 25th April


  1. I only had one Hebrew Character in my trap, worst night for a long time. It did get very blustery here in Milton Keynes though.

  2. Now it's my turn to be envious. I managed just one Swallow Prominent after a damp night last night - plus a Brindled Beauty and two Hebrew Characters


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