Thursday, 23 April 2015

Still slow but a few newbies

Garden trap still very poor and cold nights stopping me from going out trapping elsewhere - last night had first Pale Prominent of the year along with Muslin Moth, Brimstone Moth, Hebrew Character,  Emmelina monodactyla and Epiphyas postvittana. Sadly the best night in ages! Shuttle-shaped Dart was in the Rothamsted trap at CEH on tuesday evening, one of only 10 moths caught in over 2 weeks! Also found a squashed Swallow Prominent in Wallingford town centre which is my first of the year for this species. Having much better luck with Emperors compared to last year with 2 males at CEH Wallingford arriving yesterday. Marc Botham, Didcot


  1. My garden trap has been equally as poor, so you're in good company! Over the past week I've averaged four species per night and the only new-for-years have been Purple Thorn (17th) and Chocolate-tip (21st). It looks as though it is going to get even cooler next week so we'll probably be well into May before there's much improvement.

  2. Hi Marc and Dave, you might be moaning about 'poor' catches in your gardens but Muslin and Chocolate-tip would be new for me!

    1. I'd swap either one for a Scarce Tissue!!

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth....:).


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