Thursday, 22 October 2015

Another surprise second brood

I made another visit to the Forestry Commission's Homefield Wood near Marlow, Bucks last night.  The results were about as disappointing as in all reality I expected them to be, with only 57 moths of 17 species caught between three MVs and a 15w actinic in the usual three hours from dusk.  Bat activity was at an all-time high there and, at the trap I sat beside, the three moths which arrived at it during the course of the final hour were all consumed before they could be identified!  Not the case for the beauty below, though, which may even trump Martin's post of half an hour ago!

Clouded Magpie, Homefield Wood 21st October

Apart from a battered Copper Underwing, the rest of the catch was all of the expected species of autumn.  Back at home the garden actinic trap managed 74 moths of 22 species, of which the only thing of interest was this Gold Triangle.

Hypsopygia costalis, Westcott 21st October

However, I see that this species can go on for a while yet and this is not even the latest date on which I've had it here (there is at least one Bucks record from November).

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks

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  1. I had Hypsopygia costalis in the trap last night also


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