Sunday, 11 October 2015

Autumn blues

Frustrating times in Wolvercote, Oxon., of late: invariably we've found that any warm nights have been offputtingly wet, or that I've been home too late for it to be worth putting the trap out; and the actinic bulb hasn't produced anything much. We did try with the MV on Saturday night, and got a slightly better selection than the usual smattering of underwings Yellow and Lunar -- but still only fourteen individuals (to be fair, we've recently had Red-line Quaker and Blair's Shoulder-knot, species we quite like). I'm guessing the first individual below is a washed-out Beaded Chestnut (we had another rather better-marked individual, too), but the second, although it recalls Drabs and Quakers, has so far eluded us - anyone know what it is?

Steve and Xander Goddard

Presumed Beaded Chestnut, 10/10/15

Unknown, 10/10/15


  1. If I'd caught it I would put it down as a Square-spot Rustic, but please wait for a more informed view!.

  2. I agree with Square-spot Rustic - I'm still getting them here in ones and twos. The Beaded Chestnut isn't washed-out, by the way, that's just the way some of them are! It is a very variable moth and some seem to have only very faint markings.

  3. Bottom one a very late, rather dark washed out Small Square-spot.

    1. Well, that didn't even enter my thinking! It is reasonably obvious now you mention it, though, and I stand corrected. Thanks, Martin.

  4. Thanks, all -- I flatter myself that the Small Square-spot would have entered my thinking a few months ago.


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