Monday, 5 October 2015

Bordered Straw?

The trap here in Longwick had the usual autumn fayre last night but included a pristine Buttoned Snout and a not so pristine migrant which I think is still identifiable as Bordered Straw?


  1. Hello Andrew, yes I'd agree that it is a Bordered Straw which has seen rather better days. It was quite a good night over here in Westcott last night too, with nearly 30 species in the garden, but nothing new or unexpected (...and no migrants at all!). I'd also be quite pleased to get a Buttoned Snout which I haven't seen here since 2006 despite having hop in the garden.

  2. Among the usual culprits last night I managed a single migrant also - a Rusty-dot Pearl, a first for my garden.


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