Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Coleshill, Oxfordshire

A better night with warm SE wind keeping the overnight temperature higher than the previous weeks' frosty mornings. A good range of 46 moths of 26 species with Sprawler, Tawny Pinion and Grey Shoulder-knot new for the year. Highest numbers were Green-brindled Crescent (4) and Feathered Thorn (4). The Merveille du Jour count dropped to zero last night after having 3 or 4 per session last week. Also recorded were late in the year appearances of Dusky Thorn, Red Underwing and Burnished Brass.

Although it's quite worn I think this is White-point.
White-point Mythimna albipuncta 
Sprawler Asteroscopus sphinx
Tawny Pinion Lithophane semibrunnea
Grey Shoulder-knot Lithophane ornitopus
Olly Fox
Coleshill, Oxon.


  1. Hi Olly, yes that is a White-point. It was indeed quite a reasonable night last night and I had a similar result here in mid-Bucks too, with 44 moths of 20 species. November Moth agg, Green-brindled Crescent and Dark Chestnut (the latter having an exceptional season here) shared the top spot with seven individuals each but the rest all came in ones and twos. Tawny Pinion came here too, my third in the garden this autumn after a gap of five years, and I've had a couple of Pale Pinion too. Very nice to see.

    1. Hi Dave, Thanks for confirming the White-point. Last night was certainly an improvement on the last few sessions over the preceding fortnight where, apart from the consistent appearance of a few Merveille du Jour and members of the Sallow group, the only new additions have been Large Wainscot and Brick. Haven't recorded either Chestnut or Dark Chestnut here yet this year.

  2. Hi Olly Interested to see that you're in "Oxon". I can find reference to 3 Coleshills, one in Warwickshire, one in Bucks and one near Highworth. If the latter (and its beyond me to check such things at this time of the morning) then presumably you are in fact in VC 22 Berkshire ? Since moth recording is on a VC basis it is helpful if bloggers use that system for indicating their location. of course, if it turns out you are trapping in VC 23 Oxfordshire i would be pleased to receive your records.

  3. Hi Martin, You're quite right, for the purposes of moth recording I should say "Coleshill, Berkshire, VC 22" just doesn't come naturally. I'm right on the border of 3 counties here and, to make it more complicated, have a Wiltshire postal address! Hopefully Martin Harvey accesses my moth records via iRecord.


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