Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dusky-lemon sallow

Bit of a surprise in what was a fairly empty trap here in Longwick last night - Dusky -Lemon Sallow - a garden first. Still the odd migrant around during the week with single Rush Veneer and Rusty Dot Pearl.
Not sure where my nearest Elm is!

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  1. Hi Andrew, there are more than 90 records of Dusky-lemon Sallow in Bucks and with just two or three exceptions they're all from the clay flatlands in the northern half of the county, north of the Chilterns. You're therefore in the right sort of area to get the moth and you'd be surprised at just how much hedgerow elm there is around you. It doesn't survive long as a tree without succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease but does seem to prosper in hedges which are cut fairly regularly.


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