Friday, 30 October 2015

Flying in the garden

A Rush Veneer flying after dark this evening as I went to make sure my magnificent stand of Nicotiana still had no customers. I wonder if anyone will catch any migrants.


  1. 20 moths of 11 species last night including a Silver Y otherwise usual culprits including Dark Chestnut and a Large Wainscot on 28th.

  2. I'll match your Silver Y and raise you by one Udea ferrugalis! 57 moths of 19 species here at Westcott but those two were the only 'proper' migrants (although I did have three Angle Shades too).

    It would be interesting to hear how many Atropos subscribers who grew their nicotiana seeds actually managed to attract a Convolvulus Hawk. Quite a small percentage I would think!


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