Sunday, 18 October 2015

Leaf-mines at Dancer's End

A Bucks Invertebrate Group visit to Dancer's End NR organised by Neil Fletcher, gave several of us a chance to check out the leaf-mines there. Two of these were new to me and credit must go to Melissa and Andy Banthorpe for flagging them up:
First up is a Bucculatrix frangutella mine on Buckthorn, accompanied by feeding holes made by the larva after it had left the mine:
Second is a rather battered mine of Ectoedemia septembrella on Perforate St. John's Wort. I suspect it is unusual because the larva elected to pupate within the mine.

Andy King.

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  1. E. septembrella typically pupates in the mine, according to MBGBI Vol I. The moths breed on garden Hypericum shrubs, perhaps more readily than they do in native foodplant - there is a colony of them just outside my bedroom window and the mines turn up in the most unlikely places - outside the NEC in Birmingham last weekend, for example. I've only found the mines once on native St John's Wort species.


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