Thursday, 15 October 2015

Surprisingly Busy

For some reason there was quite a lot of activity around the garden actinic trap here last night.  Just over 70 moths of 20 species were present in it by 6am this morning and they included the garden's first Merveille du Jour of the year (at last) as well as Mottled Umber (1), Satellite (1) and Dark Chestnut (2) which are firsts for this autumn.  The fact that the garden is surrounded by ivy may account for the greater numbers but just why last night was better than the previous few nights is not really obvious because there was little difference in the weather.  If you've got flowering ivy in or near your garden it is well worth going out to look at it with a torch after dark at the moment, especially if you've yet to see Brick this year because that is certainly the most common species found on it around here. A quick check of our ivy just now this evening (7.30pm) produced Pale Pinion (1), Grey Shoulder-knot (1), Dark Chestnut (3), Brick (5), Red-line Quaker (1) & Lunar Underwing (1), of which Pale Pinion and Grey Shoulder-knot were not amongst the moths in last night's trap.

Mottled Umber, Westcott 14th October

Dark Chestnut & Satellite, Westcott 14th October
Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks  


  1. If your garden is surrounded by ivy, have a look at it during the day for the Ivy Bee Colletes hederae, a species only just moving into this area. Check the internet for pictures as it can be confused with some hoverflies and some honeybee colour variants.
    There is a specific mapping scheme at

    Sorry Mr Moderator, not a moth.

    1. I have been looking but it doesn't seem to have reached Westcott yet. More importantly, no sign of Clepsis dumicolana either!


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